5 Simple Reasons UPVC Double-Glazing Sells

5 Simple Reasons UPVC Double-Glazing Sells

With news that a residential project is underway in Plymouth to provide 12 affordable homes in the location of a former community centre, thoughts turn to the fittings and features all new homes need to be able to sell. Developments like the construction work on Dartmoor View in Mount Gould provide much-needed housing for the […]

How to Maintain a Playhouse

It’s better if you are able to do the necessary maintenance work on your children’s playhouses at the end of the autumn season, just before daylight hours become shorter and the colder months start setting. However, it is the opposite season at the start of spring when many people carry out this essential work because […]

Adding Space to Your Home with Garden Buildings

Adding a treadmill to your home takes up a lot of space. If you’re planning to add a study area, a home office and the place for your children to chill out from time to time, you’re probably wondering where the space is going to come from. By adding summerhouses or log cabins to your […]

Need Plans For The Summer Months? Add A Playhouse To Your Garden

All children love to play and many that are introduced into gardening at an early age take that skill forwards with them for the rest of their lives and pass it on to their children. Combining the two while adding a children’s playhouse to your garden will certainly help you plan for the summer months […]

Encourage Exercise With A Garden Playhouse!

When you place a small ball in the middle of your lawn and ask your children to think up some games to play, they will be in their element because children love to make the most of their imagination and ingenious skills. Also, because parents, guardians and teachers have taught them that rules exist for […]

Rental Property Insurance

The relationship between tenants and landlords has many important facets, but one that is often overlooked is the need for co-operation with regards to home insurance. Many rental properties go under-insured because tenants and landlords fail to ensure that both the building and its contents are fully insured. Here we explain the role that both […]

The Advantages of Under Floor Heating

Introduction Under floor heating works on the basic principle that the floor of a room is heated, from below and heat radiates slowly into the space above. In so doing, this creates a more natural “temperature gradient” as far as the human body is concerned – warmer at the feet and colder at the head […]

Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Brits are hooked on home improvement projects as our addiction to DIY TV shows proves, but unfortunately few of us are as well-versed in home décor and decoration as Laurence Llewellyn Bowen and Linda Barker. Many of us make simple interior design and decorating mistakes – mishaps or bad judgment that can be avoided with […]

Underfloor Heating for Wood Flooring

Types of Underfloor Heating Underfloor heating is available in “wet” and “dry” electric forms. The wet version involves warm water flowing through a series of pipes installed beneath the floor. The dry version uses electrical heating cables often attached to a flexible mesh backing to form a heating “mat” in order to achieve the same […]

Removing Common Household Stains from your Carpet

Anyone that has done any entertaining or has children knows the pain and suffering of stains on the carpet. Nothing makes a home look more dingy than a giant stain in the middle of an otherwise pristine room. There are some common stains that almost every carpet gets at some point in its long life, […]